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Dear All,


Welcome to visit our website. We are a Singapore share-holding inspection company which provides professional vehicle inspection service. We are characterized by advanced management from Singapore and quality service.


We are located at Jiugong Zhen County, Santai Shanlu Road, Daxing Qu District, Beijing. You may drive southward from East 4th ring road (enter the Xiaocun exit ), go direct, pass the Xiao Hongmen Lu Road, then drive another 2000 to 3000 meters.


Or alternatively drive northward from 5th ring road (enter the Santai Shanlu exit), go straight, pass one traffic light, then drive 300 to 500 meters.


Please take your vehicle license.


Gentle reminder:

1. You may come within two months before the inspection expiry date.

2. Estimated costs are RMB 298, excluding minor repair works, if any.

3. You may not ask illegal vehicle inspection agent, or Che Chong to do the inspection for you. They would charge more and cause some trouble to you. One obvious character of such illegal vehicle inspection agents is that they would stay outside the company and ask if you are to inspect your car or not.


4. We also provide on-line reservation service. You may go to our website at www.tldtjc.com or dial the number 8760 5277 or 132 6942 9791 at least one day before you come. Costs are RMB 330 for inspection and reservation service fees.

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